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Let's Talk Lighting

'Tis the season of lights...

Lets talk about how important good lighting is to design. Lighting is the one factor that helps favorably blend the other elements in a design. Lighting performs these four functions: decorative, accent, task and ambient.

For instance a chandelier alone cannot provide adequate illumination; it's one and only job is to create the sparkle for the room. Effective light layering will eliminate a glare bomb in a space that a chandelier alone will generate.

Sconces are trending strongly right now. Accent lighting should not be used as the only source of illumination. Used correctly this type of lighting should create a subtle effect in the room.

When talking task lighting we think of activities, which may include reading or perhaps chopping and preparing this evenings dinner. Whatever the activity, it is important to understand that when task lighting is incorrectly placed shadows and a veiling effect occur.

Ambient lighting is a soft lighting that fills a room and softens shadows on people's faces. This type of lighting serves a paramount duty in good lighting design.

Understanding the different functions of lighting and incorporating them correctly helps to blend the other elements in the room into a harmonious design.

There are many fabulous types of fixtures available. Be sure not to overlook the importance of integrating proper lighting in your design.

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