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Trending: Natural & Organic Textured Materials

The High Point Furniture Market industry tradeshow for fall 2015 was once again spectacular, stunning and exciting - truly an overwhelming event filled with more to see than time would permit!

One of the trends I noted this year was the use of natural and organic textured materials.

For instance, hair-on hide rugs have always been an integral element used in interior design. We are now seeing hair-on hide used expressively on all categories of seating from a casual, rustic wing back to a sleek modern dining chair. Additionally, benches

have been adorned with this stunning organic material and paired with sleek metal legs to create a visually "knock out" accent to any room.

A fun footstool covered in cowhide can be added to your living space to create a functional, engaging piece. These pieces can be used as a statement or a compliment to any interior décor.

Home accents bedecked with hair-on hide on such decorative elements as accent pillows, bar & bathroom accessories, trays & mirrors can also be found.

In keeping with the natural materials theme, the use of striking, iridescent abalone, & pen shell as an application on mirrors and other decorative accessories is still in wide use and particularly popular in seaside interior design.

Mother of pearl and capiz shell can be seen in all forms of lighting from tabletop to pendent.

Also noted was the use of mixed metals. Brass continues to rise in popularity - anything from glossy polishes to brushed finishes. Mixing warm and cool metals is particularly hot at the moment. Pairing a warm brass or rose gold with the cool tones of silver can be seen incorporated into various design elements such as lighting, mirrors, and accessories. Repetition is key to using or incorporating different metals in design.

Faux natural textures such as shagreen were also showcased abundantly as an application on furnishings such as a console, coffee and end tables. A wide use of faux shagreen was also seen on such decorative accessories as tray sets, boxes and mirrors.

As an interior designer, attending trade shows and keeping up with the latest trends in home fashion is a must! It is an opportunity to find that unique "must have" piece of furniture, or to follow the current trend in lighting. Being able to take the pulse of the design industry and see what direction furnishings, fabrics, fixtures and lighting is heading in, is a vital aspect to the interior design process. Actually seeing the colors, textures and patterns in person plays an integral part when planning and choosing just the right look for a client.

If any of these trending looks have piqued your interest, please contact me and I would be happy to assist you and show you a great deal more!

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