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Design Services

Custom Designs


New Construction


With diligent effort and methodical attention to detail, insuring superior workmanship with on-site supervision, Kathryn K Designs appreciates the many challenges of building a new home, from the emotional and financial investment to budget constraints. I will be there every step of the way to ensure an end result of complete satisfaction. Understanding the phases of interior design in new construction is critical to the success of the project. 

After all, your home should say this is who I am, how I live and what I love!




Are you happy with where you live but not so enthusiastic about the space you are living in? Are you envisioning that "dream kitchen" you've always wanted?  With a well thought out plan, knowledge of the wide array of products that can enhance a kitchen, and guidance from an interior designer and a well-picked team of artisans this dream can be a reality. After completing an extensive renovation of my own home, I have a personal understanding of such subjects as structural limitations, budget constraints, and time factors, and recognize that these issues are key to implementing a successful renovation.


Design Concepts


Color Consultation


Choosing a new color scheme for most people can be an intimidating task. Color is possibly the most important element in design. It makes an impression on all of us.  It is probably the least expensive way to transform a space.




Selecting the right furnishings to fit with your lifestyle is essential to creating a useful and personal place for you to enjoy and appreciate. Whether custom designing your sofa with your fabric choice or purchasing ready-made furnishings, each design circumstance should reflect your vision.




Whether deciding on a specialized paint application for your interior, or the finished material for your flooring, factors such as noise reduction, durability and comfort should be considered.




Lighting makes an incredible impact on our daily lives and the spaces we occupy. Intelligent interior design recognizes that good lighting such as a well-placed lamp or fixture has the ability to enhance the design elements in a space, such as a favorite piece of art.  Successful design depends on favorable lighting and it's ability to influence convenience, comfort and emotional reaction. 




Preparing your current home for sale can be a daunting undertaking. Attracting potential buyers by creating an appealing, welcoming space will distinguish your property to stand out from the rest, entice more buyers, and help sell your home faster. 


Window Coverings


Updating tired old window treatments has the ability to bring a room from blah to AHA! With an abundant selection of blinds such as roman, horizontal, or accordion-pleated and a wide variety of materials to choose from they can stand alone or be used in combination with a drapery. Modifying the appearance and function of the window with a multitude of drapery application styles, paired with an infinite selection of fabric choices available will enable you to refashion the look of your windows as well as control light levels and provide required privacy.

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